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The purpose of the Yolanda Osby Memorial Scholarship (YOMS) is to provide financial assistance to fatherless African-American high school graduates who are interested in continuing their education.
The YOMS  was established by Lionel and Cathlene Butler in memory of their young adult daughter who passed away at age 27 in the mid-1990's, after a short lifetime of health challenges.  Yolanda was born in Louisiana and spent most of her formative years in a less than stable environment in Chicago.  She enjoyed reading and especially liked her time in the high school ROTC program. She was married for a short while and spent time with her husband who was in the military.
Like Yolanda, it is estimated that 65-70% of Black youths are reared in households headed by one parent, usually the mother or another female guardian. 
In order to support and encourage such youths in their initiative and desire to succeed, and assist in their further training and development, we are investing in the future of these youths.  We believe it is a fitting memorial to Yolanda, and we hope it will contribute to making a positive difference in the recipients’ lives.



First Year Award


1.  Applicant must reside in a fatherless household and shall have lived  under these circumstances for the last four years or more without  the  active involvement and financial support of the father or father figure. Fatherless is defined as having lived in a household absent of a biological father, a stepfather or legal male guardian.


2.  Applicant must be a graduating senior from an accredited high school.  Applicant should have an overall grade point average of  2.5  or above on a 4.0-grade point system, or the equivalent in a 5.0-grade point system, or other grading systems.


3.  Applicant must complete an application to this Scholarship.


4.  Applicant must have applied to a college/university before filing an application.  Following the announcement of the award by this               Foundation, the awarded applicant must show proof of enrollment in the institution of higher learning before funds will be disbursed.              Disbursement will consist of one half of the award in the first semester and one half of the award in the second semester.    All disbursements    will be made through the university to the recipient.                                       


5.  Applicant should possess and display good citizenship.  Three letters of recommendation should accompany the application, with at least        two being from the school system(s) attended.  No recommendations will be accepted from family members.


6.  Applicant must participate in an oral interview with the Scholarship sponsors or their designated representative(s).


7.  Applicant must submit a 500-word essay from a list of topics to be provided.


Second, Third or Fourth Year Awards 


In order for a student to be considered for an award in the succeeding years s/he must qualify under the following conditions:


1.  Applicant must have been a full-time student in the preceding academic year.


2. Applicant must have passing grades at the enrolled school and show proof.


3.  Applicant must reapply and be approved by the Foundation.

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